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The Pollinator Pledge

Are you a local business, school or organisation which would like to become more green?  Hive Helpers can support you to improve your site for a range of pollinators and other wildlife when you sign up to take our Pollinator Pledge. 
What is it?

When you take the Pollinator Pledge, you promise to maintain a designated area of your organisation's outdoor space for the benefit of pollinators.  Hive Helpers will consult with you and then help make your outdoor space more pollinator friendly.  This can take all sorts of forms; a wildlife hedgerow or wildflower patch, or more formal pollinator-friendly border planting.  We'll give you advice on how to maintain it and even support you with this in the years to come if you need.  We'll also give you hints and tips on other ways you can help pollinators.  You'll get a certificate, a free honey tasting and an invite to meet our bees.  

Why take the pledge?

Taking our Pollinator Pledge is a great way to show how much you care about the environment and the local community.  Here are some of the benefits:

  • Improving chances for pollinators, which are essential to both farming and ecosystems

  • Providing habitats and food for other wildlife

  • Demonstrating you are serious and committed to being green

  • Supporting conservation activities for Hive Helpers service users.

  • Creating learning opportunities for Hive Helpers service users.

  • Opportunity to use your company's volunteering hours whilst improving your own working environment/company landscape

What do I need to do?

Space isn't an issue - we'll support you whether you have a large garden area, a hedge or verge or even just a few window boxes or pots on a roof.  Not everyone in your organisation needs to take part, it can be as many you like, but we do ask that at least one person agrees to join us for the work and take responsibility for making sure the pledge is upheld moving forwards.  We only charge for materials and ask that a voluntary contribution be made to Hive Helpers when the work is complete.  The amount is up to you.  

Creating a micro-pond at 
Farnham Community Farm
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