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About Hive Helpers

Hive Helpers is a Community Interest Company.  This means we operate not only in the interests of the community but we also put all of our profit back into the community.  Here's how we do it:

Bees are an essential step in the creation of the food we eat, they pollinate crops and help maintain ecosystems.  At Hive Helpers you can find out more about the ancient form of animal husbandry that is beekeeping, as well as benefit from the mindful and empowering experience of getting up close to honey bees. As our wonderful ambassadors they provide a fascinating insight into the world of pollinators.  All our beekeeping staff are BBKA members.   


It's not just honey bees that pollinate - there are thousands of British insects which also do the job, forming part of fantastic ecosystems within our country.  Many are facing problems, such as habitat loss, lack of food and pesticides.  Hive Helpers seeks to impact positively and holistically on local habitats. We do this through nature conservation activities and by raising awareness about the plight of pollinators and threats to biodiversity.


Studies show that time spent in green spaces improves your physical and mental health*.  At Hive Helpers we encourage people to get outdoors, nurture living creatures and be proactive in improving local environments.  At the same time you can discover the healing power of nature, find peace in wild places and gain a sense of pride and purpose when taking part in our activities.

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Giving Back

What do we do with our profits?  At Hive Helpers we use our surplus to improve our service and create more opportunities for vulnerable people within the local community to get involved.  Contact us to find out more about our supported volunteering and work schemes and our bursary availability. 

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